Automatic & Manual Doors

Automatic Doors From A Trusted Supplier

Automatic doors need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they stay in good working order.

Failure to maintain an automatic door could cause an injury or even void your insurance. Here at DSH Automation, we offer annual and bi-annual maintenance and servicing for entrance systems as required by latest safety standards. Our certified engineers inspect your doors when convenient for you, at a pre-arranged date and time to avoid unnecessary disruption to your business.

For both interior and exterior use, DSH Automation’s range of automatic swing door operators is ideal for both retrofit and new installations and blend well into different environments
The well-proven automatic system is characterised by compact design and advanced technology along with the following features:

  • Energy-saving
  • Reliable
  • Intelligent system
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes

They can be set up in a variety of ways including ‘fully automatic’, ‘low energy’ and ‘push & go’ and can be fitted with emergency battery back-up and break out facilities. Our swing operators can be fitted to single or double swing doors and can be mounted on the lintel or directly onto the door leaf.

We offer an extensive choice of activation to complement the range including:

  • Radar activation
  • Push Pad activation
  • Push Button activation
  • Remote Fob activation
  • Access Control (Stand alone or PC based systems including proximity fobs/swipe cards/keypads)

We ensure that all our door operating equipment, including safety and activation sensors are installed by trained engineers and conform to current standards.

Manual Doors

Manual doors are economical in that they do not require any motorised actuators to operate them, no electricity to power them, fewer safety mechanisms, and no sensors to trigger the door opening. They are safe and can be opened easily by able bodied persons. Power outages do not pose any special problems for manual doors, they are easily opened. They are secure, when fitted with appropriate locking mechanisms. Reliability is another key feature of manual doors, since they can be opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times without any failure, and they require minimal maintenance. Furthermore, manual doors can be fitted to almost any type of building and designed to match or enhance the entrance of any business.

Manual doors are extremely versatile and customisable. They can be designed to open in or open out, and in either a right-handed or left-handed configuration. If required, handles for pushing or pulling can be installed. Manual doors are easy and quick to install, further reducing the cost of ownership. They can also be fitted to existing door openings without further customisation.

Simple convenience

Open and close doors with a range of access control measures for authorised personnel only or at the press of a button for easy flow.


Automatically lock and control entrances to buildings or restricted areas, integrate with other systems like CCTV or intercoms with ease.

Improved Appearance

Professional automatic or manual doors can set your business apart, boost security and encourage visitors to get to where they need to go.