Traffic Management & Building Security Made Easy

Specifically designed to help control vehicular access to outdoor premises. Traffic Barriers are available in a variety of designs depending upon specification, all with integrated, anti-crush safety systems. Our options are designed to provide ease of access or permitted access, provide security for the property, and compliment the aesthetic qualities of both old and modern architecture.

By automating your barrier system to retract for authorised traffic, you can rest assured that your premises security is maintained to a high level. In areas only accessed by employees, it is essential to ensure good controlled access measures are in place to avoid unauthorised personnel accessing restricted areas, equipment, and confidential information. Whether your premises is also accessible by the public or permits solely employed and authorised workers access, a concise and thorough security system should be deployed.

Automate your barriers for added convenience & security

Simple control of access

If every vehicle were to be granted access, a site could become extremely congested very quickly. Automatic Barriers help manage this by physically creating a barrier between the two environments.


Automatic Barriers can be paired easily with other Access Control Systems such as Key Pads, Contactless Smart Cards, Hands Free Access Control, Audio/ Video Intercom Systems, Intercom Call Routing and much more.

Audio / Visual aids

Additional equipment can be installed to enhance the control of access. Examples of this could be traffic lights, flashing beacons and audible warnings.

Manned, remote or automated

You may wish to link the system via Intercom Call Routing so that you can grant or deny access in your premises or on the go. Additionally, you could automate the process with Contactless Smart Cards or similar technologies or even have manned personnel at the barrier to control access. 

Whether you require a heavy-duty automatic barrier for high volume vehicle parking control, or manually operated security barriers for smaller premises, we can provide the right solution for you.

Our team of engineers can install a range of high-quality car park barrier systems that are designed to control and manage traffic flow in busy areas. We will conduct a thorough site survey to install the right barrier system that best meets your requirements.

While your premises may have open car parks for customers, if you have one specifically for employees, or need to control access to prevent people who aren’t customers or employees from parking on your premises, then a traffic barrier is the solution.

The type of system installed may vary depending on the level of security you need. Car parks accessed by employees and public may benefit from a system offering medium levels of security such as traffic barriers, which consist of a single barrier to help regulate access. For a higher level of security, a folding speed gate could be installed.

Automatic Barriers can vary in methods, but they usually consist of a rising arm that is elevated by a control motor. The reach can be anything from 2m to 12m.