Fire Doors

Certified Fire Doors Supplied & Managed

Around 3 million new fire doors are bought and installed every year in the UK and play an essential part in offering the first line of defence against fire, creating escape routes and preventing the spread of smoke. Despite the high volume of fire door installations many industry professionals are still making mistakes when it comes to fitting and specifying fire doors, here at DSH Automation we ensure that all fire doors are properly fitted and maintained to the highest standard so that no mistakes are made.

We offer a range of services for all your fire door needs including maintenance and repairs, upgrades and alternatives,  along with supply and fitting.

BRE Certified Fire Door Installation

The correct installation of a fire door is fundamental to its overall performance as it will ensure that the fire door remains reliable to its fire integrity rating in the event of a fire. At DSH Automation we are BRE certified fire door installers and carry out all of the necessary checks before and after the install to ensure the fire door is properly fitted and will remain reliable if a fire were to occur in a building.

Certified Installation

Our technicians are experienced and fully certified to install your fire doors quickly and to a high standard.

Health & Safety Compliance

Regulatory and insurance requirements mandate appropriate fire doors for any premises, and help to improve your health & safety compliance.


We don't just install fire doors, we can repair and maintain them too. Our team are experts and prolonging the life and suitability of your doors.