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Security Doors

The importance of good security is increasingly important with more and more businesses seeing a demand for robust, secure doors for a variety of applications. Steel doors are popular in commercial and industrial settings, providing an increased level of security for the premises. They are available in a wide range of styles and designs and can be manufactured in all RAL and BS colours. Designs can include vision panels, panic hardware and a variety of different locking mechanisms and security features uniquely tailored to each project.

The versatility of steel doors means they are the perfect option for a wide variety of applications:

Single, leaf & half /double swing doors
Internal and external doors
General purpose doors
Fire rated doors
Emergency exit doors

Ballistic doors
Louvred / ventilated doors
Acoustic rated doors
Security rated / secure by design doors
Personnel doors

Speed Lanes & Turnstiles

If your workplace has a constant flow of people such as employees or visitors and general public, it can be difficult to monitor who is moving in and out the premises.

DSH Automation can design a security turnstile that meets your requirements and gives you more control over access. We provide solutions suited to both internal and external environments, improving your access control and keeping your business safe. As with all DSH Automation projects, each installation is completed to the highest standard by our trained and certified team.

There are two main styles of turnstile – half height and full height. Half height turnstiles are often waist high and provide a low security control of access. Half height turnstiles are usually used in staffed areas where they clearly show access is restricted to authorised users without being high security. Full height turnstiles provide a physical barrier to access and in the right environment can control access and provide security without staff being present. This range and flexibility of turnstiles makes them a common consideration in commercial and public environments particularly for external exits/entrances.

Unrestricted access option

Placing the turnstile so that people will pass through a designated area. People can travel in both directions. Hands Free Access Control can be applied to monitor who is coming and going.

One way access option

Restricts the entry to only one-way traffic. This can be useful for local and site wide crowd control e.g. restricting flow in one direction of a tube station, reducing overcrowding concerns.

Restricted access option

A token, coin or badge is required to operate and pass through the turnstile to ensure only those allowed to enter a specific area are given access, for example at train stations. 


Bollards protect or control the access of an area from vehicles whilst allowing the free movement of pedestrians. Traditionally, they would have been a heavy-duty static post or bell. These days, they come in many formats, however the principal is simple. There are many benefits of using bollards at your facility. 

Bollards can provide a solid barrier against the movement of vehicles between two areas. 

There are many different formats to suit each need. From simple Surface Mounted Bollards to Retracting Automatic Bollards.

Even a small surface mounted bollard can be enough to deter a vehicle from entering a space.

Free movement of pedestrians
Bollards provide a perfect solution to separate pedestrians and vehicles.

Modern bollards look great and can be colour matched as required to existing colour schemes.

Tailored solutions for every customer

We are always happy to discuss your requirements in detail to provide the most cost-effective and purpose-designed solutions, whether it’s a garage door for a home or a complete industrial unit overhaul, our highly trained and experienced engineers can provide additional equipment as part of a single project.

Other services we offer include: Bespoke Automation Solutions, Sliding Roof Lights, Temporary Automation Solutions, Sliding Glass Doors

Experienced & trained

Qualified to latest standard with years of hands-on experience, our team can work with you to provide a range of suitable solutions.


Working with a single provider for your various doors and access equipment needs can offer better value for money and tighter turnarounds.

No-obligation quotes

If you're not certain on what you are looking for, or what the options are, we have no obligation with quoting and a no hassle approach every time.