Roller Shutters

Protect your property & deter criminal damage

Whether it’s a shop, industrial unit, community space or even a private residence, high quality roller shutters are designed to protect against malicious access. Insurers may even offer more favourable rates for properties fitted with latest specification roller shutters, designed and installed under high UK standards.

Our team can provide a convenient level of consultancy to make your decision as seamless as possible, from understanding the different types of roller shutters available to understanding the automation capabilities. Gone are the days of manually pulling down shutters – press a button and your premises can be secured in seconds. Roller shutters bolster your security and offers longterm savings compared to the costs of repairing criminal damage or theft.

An extensive range of uses for roller shutters

Roller shutters have obvious applications and uses for the commercial, retail and industrial sectors – security being the obvious top choice. The team here at DSH Automation offer a fantastic range of roller shutters which provide top levels of security for your premises.

We supply and fit industrial doors too. Our team even offers ongoing maintenance and repairs to ensure you have no functionality issues.


Protect commercial spaces, industrial property and retail units against criminal damage and theft with high-security roller shutters.


Operate your roller shutters electrically for quick and convenient security whenever it's needed. We can assist in finding the right solution for you.


Help to insulate larger spaces that do require access such as warehouses. Roller shutters can provide a tighter seal against rain and wind.